Sunday, February 13, 2011

After being away for a few months...


I've been away from blog writing for quite a while.  I got sick and was away from work for about 2 months, and, in addition, my computer died.  So, my recent process has been getting a new computer, learning windows 7, not quite getting back all my information, and having problems with some of my programs since they aren't compatible with windows 7.  So, it has been quite an adventure.

One thing that happened was the arrival of tons of snow a few weeks ago - and the rare adventure of seeing icicles form outside the house where I live.  I made a short video of the icicles, shown below:

I also managed to return to work, and really enjoyed being with others in a work environment.  I was even more happy being in my present environment as I realized what was going on in Egypt.  To see a group of people protest their leader, having no sense of who would be the next leader, and to do it peacefully, was an amazement.  The throngs of people who came and protested a government that was oppressive, in a manner that was mostly nondestructive was a phenomenon I do not remember experiencing before.

No one really knows the outcome which can encompass countries like the United States and many others, yet I have hope that these people can be freed of the things that restrained them.  It will not be easy nor will it be simple for them nor for the group which now has taken over the rule until there are some viable candidates.  All can hope and pray.  Life will still not be easy for quite a while, as people begin to understand the repercussions on each other's lives.  And we can only hope and pray that Egypt is safe for all who live there.  We certainly have reason to pray.

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